How To Use A Smoker Tube?

Always make sure to read the instructions that come with your smoker tube before using it. These instructions will provide you with all the necessary information on how to use your smoke tube and how you should handle it.

Then, Be Sure To Follow These Steps

You can use a small piece of paper or a paper towel and put it inside the tube before putting it into your smoker. This will help you create a nice and even smoke ring.

If you want to get started with smoking today, simply set up your smoker as usual and then add some pellets or chunks of meat into the cooker. Then, place the smoke tube inside the smoker after removing any other parts from your device (such as the lid). Make sure that there are no holes in your smoker for air to escape.

How To Smoke With A Smoker Tube?

Once everything is ready, simply place the tip of your smoker tube into one of the holes in your smoker’s lid or body. Then, close everything and place your meat into the smoker.

As you can see, it’s really simple to use a smoke tube and you will soon see how much easier it is than you expected. We hope that this article helped you learn how to use a smoke tube and make it easier for yourself. 

Benefits Smoke Tube

Smoke tubes help improve the taste of your meat and make your food more delicious. The smoke tube also makes it easier for you to cook, as you don’t have to worry about adding wood chunks or pellets into the smoker. It will also help keep the air in your smoker from escaping, which is especially important when cooking foods like ribs.

Smoke tube benefits include

More Flavorful Food

When you smoke food with a smoke tube, the smoke will permeate the meat, making it taste better. Smoke tubes also help make your food more flavorful and juicy because it helps retain moisture inside the meat.

More Juicy Meat

You can see from this simple illustration that a smoke ring forms around your meat as it cooks and this helps to keep your meat juicier. The moisture from the meat melts into the smoke ring and the juices run down into your smoker, creating a delicious and tender meal!

Smoker Tube VS Smoker Box

Smoker boxes are a lot smaller than smoke tubes and they are more efficient at adding smoke to your food. Smoke tubes are also more expensive than smoker boxes and they are harder to find.  If you are looking for a smokier smoke in your food, you should consider getting a smoked tube.

Smoker Tube vs. Smoker Box – Which One is Better?

Boxes are smaller, and more efficient and they are easier to use than smoke tubes. They are also cheaper than smoke tubes. However, they do not produce as much smoke as a smoker tube and they do not retain the moisture inside the food very well. This means that if you want to keep your meat moist when it is smoked, you need to use a smoker tube instead of a smoker box.


If you are looking for a smoke tube, you have a lot of options and this article should help you make the right decision. You can choose between charcoal or electric smoke tubes and there are many different types of tubes available.


Q: What type of smoke tubes are there?

A: There are two types of smoke tubes available: charcoal and electric smoke tubes.

Q: What is the difference between charcoal vs. electric smoke tubes?

A: Charcoal smoke tubes are made out of charcoal and they produce a lot of heat when they release the smoke. Electric smoke tubes, on the other hand, produce a light amount of heat and they do not use charcoal for their construction.

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