Check Your Clicks Per Second

We all love doing small challenges and winning them gives us a sense of achievement and satisfaction.It is for this reason that CPS testers are popular. These tests are amusing as well as straightforward to play. Any kind of prior experience is not needed to take the clicking speed test. People take these tests as an entertainment activity and a time pass activity. Hence, it would be appropriate if we call it a “game” rather than a “test”!

This is fit for everyone, from youngsters to older age groups. Everyone playing this speed-checking speed aims to score the most.

Let us walk you through all the information you need to know related to this topic.

What Is A CPS Test?

CPS is representative of the test of clicking per second. In simple words, this is a test which tells a player the number of times he/she has clicked the mouse within a pre-decided time frame. Usually, the time stretch is set at 10 secs. But, a player can alter the time stretch prior to clicking on “start”. The minimum time limit of 5 secs and can go upto 100 seconds.

Click speed test is of 2 types that are written below:

It is recommended that those taking this test should use a mouse and not a keyboard to get a better idea of speed.

How To Take A Cps Test?

The CPS test is absolutely free. Here are the few steps that one should follow to assess the clicking speed for free:

  • Prior to the beginning of the clicking test, explore the homepage. Especially, if you are interested in setting the time period of your own choice.
  • You will see “ Start” , tap on this option.
  • Once you have clicked on this option, the countdown will begin for you. So, start pressing the button of your mouse/keyboard as soon as possible.
  • The site will keep displaying the number of seconds left for you, do keep an eye on that.
  • Immediately after the time is over, the cps score will be shown on the screen.

So, this is how handy it is to use a cps tester.

While you are playing the game try not to change your position. Furthermore,it is recommended that a player fixes the time frame at 5 seconds, this will help him/her get a better standard idea.

What Is The Average Clicks Per Second

CPS tells the frequency of clicking the mouse/keyboard i.e. number of clicks divided by the number of seconds. The CPS score is gauged by the CPS Counter, it works in the background while the player clicks the button of the mouse.

The average cps speed is documented at 6.69. The top global record was set by an American citizen, he clicked the mouse a whopping 1,051 times in ten seconds.

What can I do to increase clicks per second?

CPS tester is imperative who aim to excel in gaming. So, if you are into gaming then you should practice it frequently through a desktop. Since it's elementary and always follows the same pattern. So, giving ten to fifteen minutes a day would be adequate to attain desired results.

Five clicks in one second is a good score to begin with. Practice will definitely give a boost to the score. Those who assess the clicking speed by using a phone/tab are likely to score higher than those who do so on a desktop.

If you wish to upgrade the CPS speed, you should try the tests given below:

  • Drag Click Test
  • Jitter Click Test
  • Butterfly Click Test
  • Regular Click Test

Some additional tips to brush up the speed are:

  • Get a mouse specifically designed for gaming.
  • Alter the responsiveness of your mouse by changing its settings.
  • Refrain from using the laptop's touchpad.
  • In addition, play shooting games and aim at achieving maximal speed while shooting.

Minecraft PvP

Minecraft server launched the kohi click test. It is useful for gamers, specifically those who are players of Minecraft and Tekken. This test helps players in increasing their precision. More number of click per seconds, the better the gaming skills of a person are. This platform is designed to be used on windows, desktop, iOS, etc.

In the Minecraft PVP, the clicking speed directly impacts the chances of success. And it makes sense, since in Minecraft we strike the enemy and our goal is to get the highest number of hits.

A player has to attack the enemy with precision and obtain the most number of combos. This is where the speed cps score comes into play, lower score means that you will be attacked back by the enemy and lose the room of attaining combos. Hence, the chances to win the game would be bleak.

However, if you have got the score equal to or higher than eight then you are good to go and ace the game.


The CPS tester is an interesting thing. It’s an enjoyable activity and does not require much mental effort. It’s not only fun but a way to become a pro at gaming. It is completely safe and secure for your device. Moreover, it has been designed in a way that no virus can enter it which makes it even more safe for your phone/desktop.

Practice will drastically enhance the speed. Through consistent practice you can be the next to set the global record!


What is the world record for CPS in 5 seconds?

The global record for clicking the mouse for maximum times within five seconds was set by Mr. Jordan Hum. His Click-per-second score was seventeen. Which means he clicked the mouse seventy times in five seconds. You can set a score higher than this provided that you are consistent in practice.

What is a butterfly click?

This technique of clicking the mouse was given by those concerned with gaming. It is especially beneficial for the players of Minecraft PvP. To do butterfly clicking, place one finger on the left button of the mouse and one on the right nuton of the mouse. Click on either the right or left button first and then on the other button. Keep on doing this and this is it.

Can drag clicking break your mouse?

Not every mouse can be used for drag clicking and if you frequently practice drag clicking then your mouse won’t last long. Drag clicking might appear to be simple but once you practically start doing it you'll get to know that it's not as plain as it appears to be.

Is there a Minecraft CPS cap?

No, there is no such thing as a Minecraft CPS cap. A player can score as high as he can, there is no limit for it. However, if you're using some automatic device for clicking, the system will identify you. In such a scenario, Minecraft will prohibit your further participation.