How To Season A Steak For Best Flavour?

 If you’re not familiar with the term “seasoning”, Season a steak is used to describe the spices, herbs and other flavorings sprinkled on top of or mixed into something before cooking. Seasoning gives food its taste and flavor,


Here’s How To Season A Steak:

  • When you buy your steak at the store, ask for it to be seasoned.
  • Season your steak as soon as you get home from the grocery store or butcher shop.
  • don’t season your steaks until they get cooked, otherwise, they’ll spoil faster than usual because of all that extra salt in them.
  • The best way to season a steak is by rubbing the seasoning into it with your hands right after buying it at the store or butcher shop before you even bring it home!
  • If you’re grilling outside, grill away, and don’t worry about seasoning your steak until after cooking; this kind of seasoning will burn off when cooked anyway (but if you’re grilling indoors, you can let the steaks marinate in the seasoning, covered, for up to a day before cooking).
  • If you’re grilling indoors, then this is the time to season your steak. I like to use coarse sea salt because it packs a lot of flavor into small amounts. Using kosher salt or table salt will work too, but be sure not to use regular table salt or it’ll taste too salty.
  • Season the steak with coarse sea salt and black pepper on both sides before grilling (and again after cooking).
  • Once you’ve grilled your steak, let it rest for about 5 minutes so that any remaining juices can absorb into the meat and prevent it from drying out during cooking (but don’t let it sit much longer than 5 minutes–the longer it sits after grilling, the more likely it will lose some of its juiciness).
  • Serve your steak with whatever you like.

What Spices Are Best For Steak?-Season A Steak

Here are some of the most common spices used for seasoning steak.

Onions, Garlic, Black Pepper, Herbs, Spices, and Cumin are all commonly used to season the steak.

Garlic is a great addition to any dish. It’s been shown to lower the risk of heart disease and other diseases. Garlic also has antibacterial properties that can help kill the harmful bacteria that can lead to food poisoning.

Spices like black pepper, cumin, and oregano are great for adding flavor to your steak (as well as other foods), but they’re also important because they help prevent food poisoning by killing harmful bacteria in foods like hamburgers and meatballs.


 Searing Steaks first is a good way to get a nice crust on your steak. And you should use coarse sea salt, black pepper, and cumin to season the steaks. I hope this article helped you understand how to season your steak better. 


Q: What if I don’t have a grill?

A: You can use a stovetop or broiler to cook your steaks. Just make sure you don’t overcook them or they’ll dry out.

Q: What if I don’t want my steak to be too salty?

A: If you’re not a fan of salty food, then try using table salt instead of coarse sea salt.

Q: What if I don’t have any spices?

A: You can use whatever spices you’ve got in your pantry to season your steaks. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and end up with an overpowering flavor.

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