Why Do Gamers Have More Clicking Speed Than Normal Users?

There was a time when it was thought that some people are gifted for having such an impressive clicking speed but with the advancement of the internet and technology, this concept has proved totally wrong. Now, we’ve understood very well that no one is born with such a talent. Instead, it’s a skill which anyone can develop through thorough practice and consistency. 

Have you ever wondered Why Do Gamers Have More Clicking Speed Than Normal Users? Because they spend most of their time, clicking the mouse, learning newer clicking techniques, and upgrading the configuration from time to time. All these things improve their reflexes and develop high sensitivity and fabulous response rate. However, besides this, there are also some other reasons, some secret hacks and practices, gamers used to increase their clicking speed even more. What are those secret hacks? Let’s disclose!

Why Do Gamers Have More Clicking Speed Than Normal Users?

Reason 1: They use CPS Apps

CPS apps are largely available on the internet and are designed specially to determine a user’s current clicking speed, making him learn newer techniques, improving the speed by practicing tournaments, and keep a track of his progress. The best thing about these apps is that they are more gaming apps than learning apps. Their interfaces are developed so well that they get their user hooked and enjoy the whole learning curve. 

As a normal user, since you didn’t give much importance to clicking speed or CPS rate, you might hardly visit such websites or download these CPS apps. Whereas the gamers are extremely continuous about their CPS rate because they know that 80%-90% of a video game’s result is based on it. Therefore, they keep practicing there. That’s the biggest reason why their CPS rate is better than other users. 

Reason 2: They use a Gaming Mouse

The Gaming mouse also contributes so much to a fast clicking speed. How? Because they are developed to ensure a maximum response rate and feature the smoothest keys and ergonomic design so the user’s hand won’t get tired of holding it for hours. 

The old PC mouse doesn’t work well with the high internet speed and high-tech devices, resultantly, it lowers the response rate which in turn, slows down the clicking speed. Regular users, on the other hand, rarely think about upgrading the configuration and prefer laptop trackpads rather than using a mouse, which is a reason behind their lower CPS rates.

Reason 3: They know the correct way of holding the Mouse

Last but not least reason why the clicking speed of gamers is higher than normal users is that they know how to hold the mouse correctly. Usually, people hold the mouse too strongly, with tensed muscles which make it difficult for fingers to move swiftly. On the other hand, gamers grab the mouse gently, without exerting any considerable pressure on it which keeps their muscles relaxed, and alternatively, enables their fingers to move freely and faster. 

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