Ways To Increase Your Click Per Second Rate

Whether you are trying to improve your click per second rate for becoming a better gamer or earn more with your captcha-filling job, doing so takes several months, thorough practice, and consistency. With fast clicking speed, gamers can unlock bigger levels and rare rewards whereas the high CPS rate enables the workers to get their job done in less time. 

Thus, to help you in this, we’ve come over with some Ways To Increase Your Click Per Second Rate. By following these secret hacks, you can achieve an impeccable clicking speed, which, otherwise, can be obtained after years of practice. So, let’s begin!

Ways To Increase Your Click Per Second Rate

Practice with Clicking Tools 

On the world wide web, there are plenty of websites, offering clicking tools which you can use to determine your current speed and improve it. You can undergo click tests over and over again and with every test, you’d see how better you are getting at it. Also, these tools can help you understand other clicking techniques too. 

The most popular clicking techniques in this regard are jitter clicking and butterfly clicking. Both of these methods are used by professional gamers since these can double or triple the existing CPS rate. In jitter clicking, you only have to vibrate your index finger slightly which, in turn, enables you to make faster clicks. Whereas, in the butterfly clicking technique, you need to use your two fingers (middle and index finger) alternatively, which in turn, double the number of clicks being made at a time. 

So, learn more about these techniques and practice using the relevant tool for two to three hours daily. It’s guaranteed that you’d witness the improvement yourself, just in a few days. 

Position of Fingers

If even after days of practicing, you are unable to achieve an impressive CPS rate then there must be a reason behind this slow or zero progress. In most cases, the reason is the wrong position of fingers on the mouse. Do you know the correct way of holding a mouse? Let us tell you! 

While gripping a mouse, you need to hold it gently. Don’t put too much pressure on the mouse since it, in turn, will make your muscles tense and lower your clicking speed. Remember that the key to fast clicking is to keep your fingers as relaxed as possible. Similarly, you need to keep the fingers close to each other. For example, there should be very little distance between your thumb, index finger and middle finger. Farther the fingers are, the tenser the muscles would be which in turn, slows down the speed of clicking. 

Upgrade the Mouse

Don’t expect to develop an incredible CPS rate with an outdated mouse because the response rate of such devices is quite slow. Therefore, if you haven’t upgraded to a gaming mouse, it is time to do so. Such mouses are specially designed to improve your overall clicking speed, with their ergonomic design and ultrafast response rate. 

The same is true for the laptop trackpad. Using a trackpad for general scrolling or little editing is fine but when it comes to clicking, trackpads are a complete failure. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to adjust your finger’s position ideally on the cursor which will slow your speed. In this case, you should connect your upgraded mouse with the laptop using a USB cable or Bluetooth.

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