Jitter Click Vs Butterfly Click: Which One is Better and why?

Fast clicking is the key to victory in FPS games and that’s why more and more gamers are trying to improve their click-per-second score to become unbeatable players. For this purpose, the most effective strategy they use is to practice different fast-clicking techniques. 

Each technique comes with its own set of advantages and features a special way to swap your muscles so they can combine to make the fastest clicks. In this regard, the most popular clicking techniques are jitter clicking and butterfly clicking. Understandably, there must be only one clicking method that would suit you best so it’s better not to waste your time practising others. 

The question that arises here is which click technique that would enable you to unlock the highest CPS score? Whether it’s jitter or butterfly clicks? Which one is less damaging to your muscle? Which one takes less time to master and shows fast progress? To get your answers, keep reading!

Jitter Click Vs.Butterfly Click: Which One is Better and why?

What is jitter Clicking?

The jitter clicking technique is a modern clicking technique that involves special, jitter clicks. To make jitter click, one has to vibrate his index finger swiftly, without taking it off the left button. However, these vibrations should be hard enough so the mouse could detect them as clicks. This technique is mostly used by the gamers of Farmville and Minecraft games since it helps them to get twice the click speed as normal clicking. 

What is Butterfly Clicking?

Like the jitter technique, butterfly clicking is also an advanced mouse-clicking technique that enables you to get an even higher CPS rate than that you get with jittering. To make butterfly clicks, all you have to do is to keep your two fingers (index finger and the middle one) above the left button and make clicks using both fingers alternatively. 

In other words, when your index finger is clicking the left button, your middle finger should be in the air and vice versa. This alternate movement keeps your muscles from straining and lets you do more clicks in a given time frame. With this technique, some players have even hit the milestone of 20 CPS rate. 

Which one is better and safer?

Practising jitter clicking is difficult since, in this, you have to keep your wrist slightly elevated. At the same time, you don’t need to exert too much pressure on the mouse otherwise your finger can’t jitter. Similarly, to transmit enough energy for jittering, you need to keep your arm stretched and your forearm stiffen. 

On the other hand, butterfly Clicking is also not a way too easy technique and requires thorough patience and practice to master. You need to develop muscle memory of moving both fingers alternatively, at the maximum possible speed. However, the good thing is, to make butterfly clicks, you don’t have to stiffen your wrist nor do you need to elevate your wrist slightly, above the mouse. That’s why the butterfly clicking technique is less damaging and better than jittering clicking. 

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