Is Wireless Mouse Better For Faster Clicking Speed Than Wired Mouse?

From hands-free to mouse to microphone to keyboard, everything has gone wireless in previous years. If you are a gamer; the one who wants to look upgraded, then you must have purchased, or be going to purchase a wireless mouse. But wait a minute! 

Are these way-too-expensive PC mice worth the investment? Do they offer better and smoother functionality? Is Wireless Mouse Better For Faster Clicking Speed Than Wired Mouse? Keep reading the article since here we’ve penned down our experiences with both the wired and wireless mouse to conclude this debate on whether it’s a wired or a wireless mouse that ensures faster clicking. 

Wireless Vs. Wired Mouse

Speed and Accuracy

Wireless Mouse often comes with lagging issues due to poor connection, low battery, and high distance from the computer. All these features may decrease the overall response rate of a wireless mouse, making your click speed slow. On the other hand, with a wired mouse, you don’t have to suffer any such issues and it works at the same pace, throughout its service life. 

Similarly, the accuracy of a wireless mouse is also a compromised aspect. It doesn’t matter how expensive a wireless mouse you purchase, it will show a low accuracy rate, one day or another. 

Design and Convenience

When it comes to design and convenience, a wireless mouse is, without any doubt, a winner. These are far more portable and better to be used with laptops. At the same time, the wireless mouse eliminates the need of pulling, tugging or dragging the cable, and makes your table look clutter-free and tied up. 

On the other hand, to use a wired mouse conveniently, one may have to pair it with a mouse bungee to minimise the cable drag. Also, your table looks messy and cluttered. 


Some years ago, wireless equipment was way too expensive but today, the difference has been narrowed tremendously. The main factors which determine the price range of a product today are the company and the model. You can find good quality wireless mice under a budget-friendly price range whereas some high-end wired mice come with heavy price tags. But overall, wireless mice cost a little more than their wired counterparts. 

Which mouse do Professional Gamers use?

If you even watch the game streams on digital media platforms then you must have seen about 99% of professional gamers using a wired mouse. Why? Because they are accurate, faster, cheaper, and more durable than their wireless counterparts. 

Especially, while playing competitive shooting games like PUBG, CS:GO, and Fortnite, clicking speed makes a huge difference and the player who has a good CPS rate wins the tournament. Therefore, these pro gamers prefer speed and accuracy over convenience and aesthetics. 

So the answer to the question, (Is Wireless Mouse Better For Faster Clicking Speed Than Wired Mouse?) is NO. Wireless mice are only good for regular, normal use but if you are looking for a mouse to do a job that needs the highest accuracy and speed, a wired mouse is your go-to solution. 

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