Factors That Can Influence Your Clicking Speed

Tired of your slow clicking speed and unable to figure out why it’s not improving? Here are some major factors that can influence your clicking speed. So, keep reading the article so you can better identify the hurdles on your way to being a pro gamer. 

Factors That Can Influence Your Clicking Speed

Lack of knowledge

Who says that clicking the mouse only involves your physical efforts? Well, technically it’s not wrong but if you actually want to get better at mouse-clicking then you also have to do thorough homework – learning the different clicking techniques and finding out the one which suits you best. 

There are different techniques which professional gamers use to click the mouse faster. Almond them, the most effective ones are jitter clicking and butterfly clicking. In both strategies, you are taught to move your finger in a completely different way. 

In jitter clicking, you are told to only vibrate your index finger whereas, in the butterfly technique, you use your two fingers (index and middle fingers) alternatively to make clicks. By consistent practice with the web-based tools and CPS apps, you can increase your CPS in a few days. But the first step is still to browse about these techniques! 

Using Outdated Mouse

Another possible factor that can influence your mouse clicking speed is the type of mouse you are using. If you have an outdated configuration, there’s no surprise why you have such a poor CPS score. The old PC mouse can’t perform well due to their slow response rate. With these inputs, even if you click fast and numerous times, it would be recorded into the computer slower. 

Therefore, if you want to increase your clicking speed, you better get the latest mouse (preferably the gaming mouse). However, if you are not a gamer then you may go with another razer mouse which also features a brilliant response speed and soft keys. 

Using Laptop Trackpad

Some people think that their clicking speed gets increased when they use laptop trackpads but it’s not true. In fact, these trackpads never let your muscles relax which in turn, lowers the click speed even further. 

Similarly, on the trackpad, you can’t keep your fingers close to each other (another reason for the slow clicking speed) therefore, it’s better to connect the mouse with your laptop and use it while placing it on a sturdy and flat surface. 

Low Mouse Sensitivity

Have you checked for the mouse sensitivity in your computer setting section? If not, then you should because the low sensitivity of your mouse can lower the overall response rate, which in turn, influences the clicking speed immensely. 

To calibrate the mouse sensitivity, go to the PC setting section and set the sensitivity level to high. However, you should not adjust it to a too high range because this way, your mouse will send an input signal and make a click, even when you are not meant to. 

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