How to Check Mouse DPI? [Best 3 Methods]

We must first understand what DPI really means before we can discuss the way to check Mouse DPI? The term Dots Per Inch is an abbreviation for Dots per Inch. The sensitivity of your mouse determines how quickly your cursor moves on your screen. A high DPI corresponds to a rapidly moving cursor. In the same vein, the lower DPI means the lower sensitivity. 

In an ordinary mouse, the DPI is almost 800 that we use for PCs. It is important to understand that the 800 DPI represents the number of pixels moved in one inch. If you are an avid gamer, your DPI may even exceed 800, since some games require high sensitivity in the cursor, which may range from 1600 to 5000 DPI. 

Different Methods to Check the Mouse DPI 

Luckily, to check and change the DPI setting for different purposes is truly a cakewalk. The process of changing your DPI varies based on the type of mouse you own. When you browse online, you will see several methods describing DPI checking methods. Not all of them are accurate and work for you, but you don’t need to worry. Here we have shared all the authentic methods to check the mouse DPI easily. Let’s begin!

Method 1: How To Check Mouse DPI in Windows 10

Here we have shared two simple methods to check DPI in Windows 10.  

Check Mouse DPI Using DPI Analyzer in Windows 10

When you use Windows 10 to check the mouse DPI, we call it the online DPI analyzer method. Take the following steps to check the accurate measurement:

  • First, draw the measurement lines on blank paper, and it will work like your mouse pad. 
  • When you move the mouse, enter the appropriate distance in the DPI analyzer relevant field. 
  • Now, click on the red crosshair button at the bottom of the window. Click and hold the mouse button down further. 
  • Further, move the mouse according to the previous measurement and note down where the crosshair ends. Don’t forget to move the red crosshair until it turns blue, which shows the position of 0% deviation. 
  • After that, release the mouse button and record all these scenarios. After a bit of loading, the DPI analyzer will tell you the Actual DPI reading. 

Check Mouse DPI Using Paint in Windows 10 & 11

Paint is also a helpful tool for determining the DPI of the mouse. You can do so in a few easy steps with built-in paint app:

  • Open the Paint app
  • Move the cursor to the left of the screen while at 100% zoom and hovering over the new window.
  • Observe the footer value when you create a 2 or 3 inch line.
  • By taking the average of all the lines, you will find out what your mouse DPI is.

Method 2: How To Check Mouse DPI on Mac 

Mac users can also take a look at it. The method presented here is only a quick way to look at it. 

  • Click to launch the browser on your MacBook. 
  • Enter the mouse’s model in the search bar of your browser. 
  • If you are not using a branded mouse, the search results will show some websites. 
  • Visit the top websites and they will tell you about your Mouse DPI. 
  • If you still have not found any information, you can install an appropriate driver for it. 

Method 3: How To Check Mouse DPI on Chromebook

Follow the simple steps below if you are a Chromebook user, and you’ll be all set:

  • Go to the bottom right of the screen or the status bar. 
  • Click on Settings and follow the Devices panel. 
  • You will see a touchpad slider that will check the mouse DPI. you can adjust it by moving it to the right or left. 
  • When you move, it will show your DPI value. 


In a nutshell, checking the mouse DPI is just a breeze if you follow the accurate method. We have shared some easiest methods that will help you to check whether you are using any type of operating system. We hope you will find these methods helpful to find mouse DPI.

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