Can a Better Mouse Make Someone a Better Clicker?

Ever wondered why professional gamers use gaming mice? What difference do these small, luminous devices offer that an ordinary PC mouse can’t? Well, it’s the fast response rate and smoothest keys which in turn increase the overall clicking skills of the users. 

While playing video games, especially the fps games like CSGO, PUBG, and Fortnite, it’s mainly the clicking speed that determines the result. In other words, the higher the clicking speed of the gamer, the higher his chances to win the game. 

So if you ever find yourself questioning yourself, Can A Better Mouse Make Someone a Better Clicker? Remember that the answer is YES! A better mouse can make someone a better clicker. How? Let’s go through the gaming mouse vs. Regular mouse comparison to figure it out.

How does a better mouse make someone a better clicker?

Gaming mice are specifically developed to be more comfortable, more functional, and more durable. Also, their functionalities and designs are optimised perfectly so they can improve your gaming performance.  

For this purpose, manufacturers add more buttons and add more variations in design so every player can get one according to his gripping style and preferred clicking technique – features you won’t get with regular mice. And most importantly, these gaming mice offer a faster response rate than regular mice. 

Some of them are sensitive enough that a minor pressure is recorded by them as a click. Similarly, some high-end gaming mice also offer the feature of adjustable weight using which you can add or remove a few grams from certain parts of the device, making it more personalised and comfortable. 

How to find the best mouse?

So now, as you’ve understood how a better mouse makes you a better clicker, the question which arises here is how to find the best mouse. The market is flooding with options which makes the whole selection process way too intimidating but don’t worry. Here are some tips you can use to ensure that you are making the correct investment. 


The very first thing you need to consider while choosing a mouse is how it performs on ergonomic grounds. The mouse should be lightweight enough so you can handle it conveniently for long gaming sessions. Also, it should have a perfect design that fits in your palm appropriately. 

This, in turn, will save you from wrist strains and painful muscle fatigues. Similarly, different mice are available for left-handed and right-handed individuals, so get the one accordingly. You can also go with the generic mice; ones that are generic and suitable for both left and right-handed people. 

Polling Rate

Polling rate is another vital spec that you should consider while purchasing a mouse. The higher the polling rate, the higher will be its accuracy and the smoother will be its performance. If you are a gamer, you should never purchase a device, offering less than 500Hz.  Similarly, if accuracy and speed are your priority, you should go with the wired mouse. On the other hand, if you are more inclined towards convenience and portability, you may purchase a wireless mouse.

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