Best Clicker Games in 2022

Clicker games are also known as incremental games or idle games because to play them, one doesn’t have to develop any winning strategy or learn a skill. Instead, all you have to do is to click the left button of your mouse as fast as possible. This, in turn, acts like a snowball effect, making you better and more efficient in clicking, increasing your mouse clicking speed. This high click-per-second score in turn helps you get better at other popular fps games like PUBG, CS:GO, Fortnite, and even Minecraft. 

Do you think they are boring? You might be mistaken since there are such outstanding clicking games, available to play for free, which feature rewards and level-based gameplay. These tiny rewards and intriguing levels make these games highly addictive, making your clicking skill sharper and more productive. 

The question that arises here is, which click game you should play? Luckily, you’d find plenty of options on the internet that will meet your taste. However, to make the selection process even easier, we’ve compiled some of the Best Clicker Games in 2022 worth a try. So, let’s have a look! 

Best Clicker Games in 2022

Doge Miner

Almost everyone out there would know about the meme dog Shiba; yes, the one that became a celebrity overnight with his cute smile. This clicker adventure game is mainly about his adventure mission. As the name implies, in this clicking game, you have to mine and collect dogecoins. 

The faster you click, the more dogecoins you’d collect. Initially, your target will be to collect enough dogecoins to reach the moon. Once you’d hit the target, another mission would be awaiting you on the moon; to mine over the moon. Seems interesting, doesn’t it? 

To make the gameplay more interesting, there’s a reward and help system too. You collect coins and then use them to hire help – cat and pups miners, which will accelerate the mining process even faster for you. The game is available in the form of an android app but you can also play it online, at the website. 

Clicker Heroes

If you are more into the monster-heroes gaming category then you might find this clicking game much more interesting. In this, your mission is to impart damage to the monster by clicking him. Every time you Click the monster, it would cause minor damage to him and you, in turn, will be able to dish out gold coins to him. With these gold coins, you can hire helpers, who will beat the monster on your behalf. 

You can upgrade the helpers with the coins you and your allies earn and with every upgrade, these characters will develop some supernatural powers. The best part of this game is that it gives you the freedom to choose your characters. Also, you can choose the power you want to purchase for them. Besides playing alone, you can also team up with the other players and make immortals together. In this way, this slow progressive, incremental game makes you crave to play more and more!

Cookie Clicker

Cookie clicker is mainly the game that raised the popularity of clicker or idle games, with its super addictive and lucrative gameplay. In this game, you have to click or tap on the screen and with each click, a cookie will be baked. And don’t forget to get the most out of the golden cookie shower. All in all, your goal is to increase the cookie count so you can purchase the automatic cookie generators (the buildings) or could invest in the upgrades. 

If you purchase buildings, then you need to keep in mind that their cost varies incrementally. On the other hand, the upgrades are developed for the sole purpose of enhancing your clicking skills and increasing your CPS rate. As the number of cookies increases, your popularity will grow, making you stand higher in the list of CPS ratings. The game is available to play on mobile and in-browser. 

Adventure Capitalist

The adventure capitalist game is based on an entrepreneur who wants to establish his capital by growing his business into several businesses and managing all of them simultaneously. You, as the entrepreneur, have to start with a lemonade stall. Do as fast as you can to make and see more and more drinks so you can generate more revenue. 

If you’d stay consistent for a while, you’ll earn enough money to start a new business and from the revenue of that new business, you could launch a new one and so on. A time will come when you’ll be a millionaire who’ll produce movies, run the state banks, own the restaurant chains, and manage your own sports teams. 

Wondering how to manage this many businesses at a time? Well, it’s easy! Just recruit managers who will make money for you. In this way, when you won’t be playing this game, your managers will run your businesses, generating a juicy amount so you can become a capitalist business tycoon. 

Realm Grinder

Realm grinder game is also like adventure capitalist but with different upgrades and goals. Your mission is to earn money by clicking and then invest this money to expand your kingdom. You’ll begin with a small farm wherein you’d work (simply by making clicks) to earn coins. You can use these coins to purchase buildings and invest in multiple sorts of businesses including blacksmithing and inns. 

These businesses would generate coins for you even when you’d be offline. Remember that, unlike adventure capitalists, this game is not only about earning money to establish your empire. Instead, in this clicking game, you’d be a ruler of your kingdom and responsible for its fate. You can choose to play as a good person or a negative character, upon which, your kingdom’s fate would depend. 

With every new round, you’ll be set on a different path where unique upgrades and businesses will be awaiting you. In this way, this clicker game doesn’t only help with your clicking speed but also with your strategic planning and business approaches.

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