The 21st century has revolutionized everything, including the gaming industry; gamers worldwide are looking for tips and tricks to stand out from the crowd. Several websites allow a gamer to get a better experience than others and get a top position on the leaderboard; one of them is CPS. CPS stands for click per second; 60 seconds cps test is a game where you can track your clicking speed in a minute.

Once 60 seconds are completed while you are clicking, you will no longer be able to do more clicks; the screen will display a cps countdown and give you a rank. If you perform well and do more clicks in 60 seconds, it will give you a good position. Otherwise, your rank will be below average. However, it is not a typical cps test mode. It is a lengthy test as compared to the 5 seconds cps test.

60 Seconds CPS Test

Playing The CPS Test in The Right Way

It differs from the 5-second mode, which is 12 times shorter than 60 seconds. So, you need high energy and a different strategy to get a high rank in the 60 seconds CPS test. But in most cases, people who lack professional skills tend to play the same way as they play for 5-seconds mode; as a result, they don't get a high rank on the website. Before starting the game, you must ensure sufficient energy to click the mouse at high speed for 60 seconds.

In this test, it is necessary to click the mouse continuously for the entire 60 seconds, and you should not skip even a single second to click the mouse. If you miss a second to click the mouse at high speed, your rank and CPS score will be affected. You can also play this game on your mobile; it is easy to click on mobile rather than on a laptop. Continuously clicking the mouse at a constant speed is the sure way to win this game. The world's highest record for a 60 seconds CPS test is 9.71. You can challenge yourself to beat this record, and with constant effort, you can even set a high CPS score.

Different Techniques of Clicking

Butterfly clicking is the latest technique that involves the index and middle fingers. You must click the left mouse button with the index and middle fingers at a steady speed. The Butterfly technique is ideal for Minecraft PVP, as this technique enhances your click-per-second rate up to 16CPS! It is easy to master Butterfly clicking. You will need a double-click mouse, as you have to double-click to increase the CPS.

Jitter clicking is another way to win more games, as clicking fast is important to win games. The Minecraft community invented this method of fast clicking. The average CPS via the jitter method is 6.51, and the world's highest record is 14.1. However, this method can cause pain in your arm as you can't keep your arms flat while jitter-clicking.


Bottom Lines 60 seconds CPS test examine your ability to click fast. People use different techniques of clicking to excel in games. Jitter and Butterfly clicking are the latest methods that allow you to click fast and win various games, including Minecraft. However, the Jitter technique can be painful, as, in this technique, you have put all the pressure on the fingers, resulting in swollen joints.