It is fun to check your abilities through games where you can also share the results with your friends. The 5-click-per-second test (cps) is one of the great tests where you can check your clicking ability and speed. Seems fun right? You can check your speed plus you will have fun doing it at the same time.

You can even try again and again to fasten up your speed level. Well, if you have any questions related to the 5 clicks per second test then you are at the right place. In this article, I will talk about this test and will share detailed information related to it. Read the article to know more about the 5-second CPS test.

5 Seconds CPS Test

The 5-second CPS test allows you to check your clicking power and how much a person can score in 30 seconds. It seems fun and easy but it requires a lot of effort to reach the required level. No one knows their ability to mouse click in 30 seconds. But, the 5 seconds CPS test is made to know the ability of a person and how much they can accomplish a score in a given time period.

You just need to click your mouse as fast on your screen as possible to score well. In the end, the calculations and results will surely amaze you. The best thing about this job is that you can play anytime and at any age. Age restriction is not there to play this game. Many people can play this game and click as much as they can on the timeframe to know the rate of their clicking in 30 seconds.

The click-per-second test is basically made to challenge yourself where a person can try each time to reach the highest score. People can easily pass their time playing this game to know their clicking ability without wasting time on other social media apps.

How To Play this Game?

The method of playing this game is quite easy. You just need to search for a 5 seconds CPS test and click the first link. There, you will see the gray color timeframe where you have to click the mouse. The remaining time will also be shown on the screen and at the end, you will get the score result. In this way, you will know the clicking ability and score level.


This gaming app is quite socializing and mobile friendly as you can even share the link with your friends and enjoy knowing their clicking ability too. This test is a good version of knowing your skills and abilities. This test is obviously different and unique to know your abilities.