Cps test is an abbreviation for the click-per-second test, and it is an online website where we can check our finger's speed in a second. That means we can check how fast we click the mouse per second. As different time limits are there on the website in which we have to complete the test. Thus, this article is about a 30 seconds cps test, meaning only 30 seconds are available to complete the test. So, let us discuss this below.

30 Seconds CPS Test

CPS test is a free online game website where we can check our clicking capability and compare our score with the other players. However, different time scales are mentioned on the website. Let's look into them.

After opening the website, we can access a list of Click Per second(CPS) tests. These tests include 1 second CPS test, 5 second CPS test,30 seconds CPS test, and up to 100 seconds of CPS test. In addition, we can also find some game tests on the website, which are played by the players of Minecraft and PUBG. These game tests are called the koi clicking test and the Jitter click test.

For a 30 second CPS test, we can go on its website and search for our required test. Finally, we will click on the play button and the test will start immediately. Our examination of click per second (CPS) has begun, and we can click as fast as we can in the 30 seconds allotted time duration. As the 30 seconds get over, we will see our score on the screen, and now we can share and compare our score with the other players.

Moreover, we can improve the Click per second speed by using different mouse-click techniques. These are the common clicking technique, jitter clicking technique, and butterfly clicking technique. Besides this, we should use a specific gaming mouse instead of a regular mouse, and last but not least, we can improve our clicking speed by more and more practicing as we all have heard that practice makes a man perfect. So, follow this step by heart to break the previous player's record of 14.1 CPS.


How Can We Calculate CPS Test Score?

We can calculate the CPS test score by dividing the number of clicks by the number of seconds. For example, if you have clicked 80 times in 30 seconds, your average score will be 80/30=2.66 CPS. So, this is simple to calculate, but yes, it is hard to click so fast.

How fast can a human click?

Studies have shown that the average person can click between 250 and 300 times per minute. That's around five clicks per second! However, some people can click much faster than that. There are even some people who can click over 1000 times per minute.


I will wrap up this article by sharing my own experience. Based on my experience, I have learned that we can score more on this test using a gaming mouse because a regular mouse can be stuck during the game as it is not designed to click nonstop within a second. So, first of all, we need to focus on the quality of the mouse. Moreover, we should practice clicking more and more.