100 Seconds CPS Test: Everything You Need to Know about It

Whether you are a gamer or have a job that requires you to use the mouse continuously or for the longest time, you would have come across the ‘100 seconds CPS test’. Well, this test is designed to calculate your finger’s muscle movement and response rate. It has gained immense popularity for the long time it offers.

Wondering how this game works? What is the average value you can come to while playing this game? How fast can you click in a time of 100 seconds? To save your day, I have brought this detailed guide on the 100 seconds CPS test, so dive right in for more.

What is a '100 Seconds CPS' Test?

In simple words, it is a test that determines over a maximum frame of 100 seconds, how much a person can click. Although people do not generally use this test to check their ability, they rather do it just for fun and practice in their free time. This game mode has a gray space that allows you to click the mouse within a time frame of 100 seconds and calculate it.

How to Play this Test?

Well, although 100 seconds seem nothing if we are to notice the time in an entire day, it can be really painful when it comes to clicking. This is because all you are required to do is click on one place for the longest time, which means snapping your fingers for the time being. So, it can easily tire you out. Now, the question is how to play this game. Well, it has a gray box, and touching it can start the game. Once the game is started, you need to continuously strike it to get the maximum calculations.

What is the Average CPS in 100 Seconds?

You must be wondering what the average calculations in the game have been. Given that it is not necessarily in reach of gamers and average people can also attempt this game, an average calculation this test has offered has been six to seven cps, which means 600-700 clicks per attempt. If we talk about pro gamers, we can say that it can easily go up to 7 to 8 cps, which is quite a lot.

What is the Fastest CPS in 100 Seconds?

Just a fun fact, the fastest value any person has attempted in this game over the time of 100 seconds has been 12 CPS. So, if we are to calculate this value for 100 seconds, it is around 1200 clicks, which is quite difficult to manage, especially when you are continuously clicking the mouse. Now, it is equally worth mentioning that the game developer has managed the clicks up to 1100 clicks, so even if you want, you cannot get more than these clicks.

Final Thoughts

In the end, if you are a gamer, you must have come across this game. In simple words, this ‘100 seconds CPS test’ calculates the reflex and muscle memory, not to mention, your finger’s ability to click. Well, people like to play this game just for fun or to enhance their clicking speed.