Click per second helps you to find out how many times you click on the mouse within a second. But the question arises why one wants to count the number of clicks per second. If you are interested in the answer then follow me because here I am going to discuss CPS, easy steps to measure clicks per second, and results. Let’s start!

10 Seconds CPS Test

If you want to improve your gaming skills in PUB G, Call of duty, Minecraft and other games in which mouse click is widely used then counting CPS is the best way. Basically, all of these games require a quick response. For example, playing PUBG requires a fast fire rate. But without practice on the mouse, you cannot open a quick-fire response while playing a shooting game.

But now you can troubleshoot the problem because I have the simplest way to improve by clicking on the mouse per second. In this way, you can not only enhance your gaming skills but also make a record. The method is very simple, there are different websites you can access for the CPS test.

Easy Steps To Access CPS Test

Step 1

All you need is to write a 10 second CPS test in the search bar and your search engine will show you thousands of CPS test websites. As well, you can download an offline CPS test software if you want to access it without the internet. Anyhow, once the results are in front of you click on any of the websites. Make sure that you are accessing a legal website and that the website is providing authentic results. For confirmation, you can read feedback regarding the website or check out the rating of the website.

Step 2

After opening the link to the website you will see a simple interface. There will be three buttons below the clicking area: click, time, and CPS. All you need is to start clicking on the target area and the AI will count your clicks with time. It depends on you whether you choose the 10-second CPS test or 100 second CPS test. Anyhow, once the given duration ends, AI will show you all clicks and clicks per second.


Some advanced websites also show your record among other CPS testers. However, there are different methods of results, some websites rank you while others give you a title like a lion or a buffalo. Do not lose hope if you scored less than average because the first time is hard for everyone but do not stop practicing. It will help you to improve your gaming skills.


What is the most cps in 10 seconds?

The most CPS in 10 seconds is about 14.2 CPS.

Is 10 clicks per second good?

It is an average score, ordinary players score 8 to 10 clicks per second.


CPS is the click-per-second speed in simple words, it counts the speed of clicking a mouse per second. Games like PUBG or Minecraft require fast mouse clicks. To count the clicking speed per second people often visit CPS websites. There are also offline versions but in online versions, you can see your rank and the records of your friends.