Click Per Second, is it a new term for new? Well, if you are a newbie gamer, then you might need to explore the different CPS tests out there. Many games need the vigilance, speed, and command of the players that are playing them. Many action games or RPG games need very fast and intense clicking in order to defeat opponents. Various games involve the mechanism that each click is corresponding to the number of attacks or damage that your attack causes to the opponent.

What Does CPS Means?

CPS stands for clicks per second. So, what does clicking mean here? It is simply the number of times the person taking the test can tap on their mouse. When it comes to such speed tests, the one thing that can be different is the time duration allotted to the player. The more taps you are able to do on the mouse or mousing pad the higher your clicking speed is. But there is a time limit within which you are free to tap as many times as you want.

1 Second CPS Test

In order to improve your gaming skills, you can take the help of the 1 Second CPS Test. It is basically a mean of testing the speed of the gamer. Don't know what it is and how it works? It is a type of CPS test with a time limit of 1 second. Yes, you might be surprised but gamers can do more clicks as compared to normal computer users as they are much more used to it.

Keep in mind that CPS is not a measure of the power or force that you put on a mouse within one second. Rather it only focuses on the number of clicks. No matter how soft each click is, the 1 second CPS test measures only the amount.

How Is Speed Measured?

The 1-second CPS test assesses the speed so it measures the number in comparison to the time. Basically, the speed is just your total clicks in a given amount of time which is just one second for a 1 second CPS test. The average number of clicks is less for one-second CPS than the 10-second or higher time versions of the test. The more time you are given the more chances you have to have more clicks.

What Is The Average Score?

The highest score on a 1-second CPS test is around 16 clicks, but it is definitely not the only criterion to be called a pro gamer. Many people can score between 8 to 14 clicks which can be stated as a high speed in a 1-second test of your clicking speed. You can score around 2 clicks per second without even trying. Just relax your fingers, focus, and charge your mouse at full speed. You will surely be able to beat the high score.


The 1 second CPS test will give you an idea of how many clicks you can do in a single second. The more you will practice and try to increase your CPS speed the more benefit you will have in the gaming world. You will be able to knock out your opponent players in no time. Just start the test and fearlessly click on the touchpad as fast as possible. The software will take care of the rest. Good Luck with your gaming experience.